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About this project

Krypton Palettes Composer is a small tool to compile custom Krypton palettes into a single assembly and provide an easy access.
It's developed in C#.


Krypton Toolkit is a free component suite developed by Phil Wright.


29th August, 2009 - Updated release avaialable

Upgraded to Krypton

22th August, 2009 - Updated release avaialable

Upgraded to Krypton 3.5.2. I've found 12 custom palettes which are now included. These palettes are crafts of his owners. For any feedback please contact these on the ComponentFactory Forums.

5th January, 2009 - Initial release available

The first release is successfully uploaded. Please feel free for any feedback.


All palettes are available by static properties at the PaletteManager class. You can get a list of all available palettes by the Items property which provides a DisplayName and the name of the palette. I've used the lazy loading pattern to support a fast startup. If you wish to load all palettes at once use the PreloadPalettes method. To get a palette by name use the GetPalette method.

Be aware of compose the right version of xml file. To get an overview which version the custom palette is using, I've added a version column to the overview list.


Example code iterate through available palettes:
foreach (PaletteItem item in PaletteManager.Items)
    ToolStripItem menuItem = skinsToolStripMenuItem.DropDownItems.Add(item.DisplayName, null, new EventHandler(setPalette));
    menuItem.Tag = item.Name;

private void setPalette(object sender, EventArgs e)
    ToolStripItem menuItem = sender as ToolStripItem;
    kryptonManager.GlobalPalette = PaletteManager.GetPalette(menuItem.Tag as string);

Palettes are accessible by static properties:
kryptonManager.GlobalPalette = PaletteManager.Chrome;

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